3 Ways to Keep Clients Longer Without

Selling Your Soul, Complicated Tech or Risky

Guarantees - in an Hour or Less!

Snag The Sticky Client System™ for just $20 USD!

Are you ready to finally crack the code on getting

clients to pay, stay & refer?

We’ve all dealt with clients quitting, customers refunding & disengaged buyers not renewing, right?

But fixing it usually means hyper-fixating on endless new sales to stop the bleeding or working 24/7 catering to every complaint, whine or squeaky wheel.

Or does it?

With this quick-to-act-on-method, you’ll discover how I've kept clients for years (decades, honestly) without tricky tech, expensive client acquisition or blurring personal boundaries.

For JUST $20 USD the Sticky Client System shows you:​

  • 3 things to do today that will stop the Irish Goodbye from happening over & over again
  • Why more sales isn't going to fix your business and may even be killing it (if you don't fix this first)
  • Easy low-tech ways to have the 'best memory ever' (hint: I do not, in fact, have a good memory - but you can't convince my clients of that!)

Available now for just $20 USD! Grab yours before the price goes up

(or another client quits)

I've put everything I know & do to keep clients for decades (yes, decades) in this faster-than-your-lunch-break product!

Who is this for?

  • Course & Info Product Creators
  • Service-Based Professions (web, graphics, VAs, research)
  • Speakers, Coaches, Authors & Experts
  • Ecommerce & Product-Driven Owners
  • Yoga teachers, Fitness Pros, Florists & Bakeries
  • Lawn care, House cleaning, Child care, Pool companies
  • If you have humans as customers, this will work for you!

Who is this not for?

  • If you are more focused on churn & burn, this isn't for you
  • If you prefer nameless, faceless transactions, this isn't for you
  • If your business is primarily through a 3rd party marketplace like TPT, Amazon, Etsy etc and you don't have the customer list or touch points accessible, this probably won't help you

Why listen to me?

After 25 years in business and 20+ of those online... I've learned a thing (or 12) about keeping clients that stay, stay & stay some more! I'm NOT the new kid & that's a good thing!

Just $20 USD - how many clients would you need to retain for this to be worth the investment?

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This Actionable System Includes:

  • Immediate Access
  • Quick to Implement Videos & Tutorials
  • Private Podcast Access for On The Go!
  • Printables & Interactive Forms
  • Bonuses Resources & Case Studies

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