Say Goodbye to Missed Contracts - Get Instant Access to 7 Figure Follow Up!

This Will Help You Master the Art of Follow-Through

  • Increase sales and close more deals with a fear-free follow-up framework
  • Keep your commitment to follow up with amazing opportunities without feeling scared or annoying
  • Never let a lead go cold again
  • Want to be polite, but also land the 'big deals' you dream of?
  • Learn through videos, audios, and printables that can be easily implemented (before you go to bed today!)
  • Secure more contracts and opportunities by building strong relationships through consistent follow-up

Inside this course, you'll discover:

  • Why my leads actually thank me (repeatedly) for following up and let me know that's why I get the business...
  • How to hack a really bad memory and make sure you are the most thoughtful person in their world...
  • How to pick up where you left off last month, year or decade with those leads, as if nothing happened...



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I was blown away by the fact that you remembered my daughter’s upcoming wedding with a card in the mail and a voice message the weekend she got married.


Heather Stephens, Wise Owl Marketing

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